The Center has been serving the area since October 2007. Expert staff includes a Pulmonologist, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Respiratory Therapists, Durable Medical Equipment Support Specialists, and other licensed allied health care professionals, all of whom have received training in recognition and treatment of sleep disorders. Together these staff have performed more than 6,000 sleep studies.

Our Staff

Todd M. Greatens, M.D.
Medical Director
CRMC Baxter Clinic

Bob McLaughlin, R.T.

Christine Zabukover, R.T.

Stormie Smith
Sleep Specialist

Kathy Wagner
Sleep Specialist

Norene Warta
Sleep Specialist

Travis Wermter
Sleep Specialist

Brandi Berg, R.T.
Sleep Lab

James Hardy
Sleep Tech

Appointments may be made through a referral or by calling (218) 454-0225